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  • Fast Online Medical Reporting
  • Calendar Managed Appointments
  • Instant Notifications SMS/Email
  • Custom Data Reporting/Exporting
  • Live 1-2-1 Video Medicals
  • Waiting Room SMS Alerts
  • Pre-Visit Questionnaires
  • Simple Billing

Security & Compliance

  • HIPAA & GDPR Environment
  • SSL/TLS Certificates Layer Security


  • Online and Telephone Support
  • 24/7 Server Hardware Monitoring

Executive Medicals

My Live Medical makes it easy for Corporates to commission executive medical reports for your senior team. Instead of making phone calls, sending emails back and forth to medical professionals and getting frustrated at how much time the whole thing takes - you can just post your request to My Live Medical and kick back until you get the report in jig time.

  • My Live Medical platform offers you a wide range of medical professionals at your fingertips, so you can select the right medical professional for your requirements.

  • If speed of turnaround is an issue, you can avail of our unique ability to ‘offer your report to the market’. In this scenario, you post your requirement and our system will offer it to the nearest 5 qualifying medical professionals. The first one to claim your report ‘wins’ it, but they must arrange the appointment within 3 days or they lose the business.

  • If convenience for your executive is an issue, we have medical professionals based throughout Ireland, so your staff don’t have to travel far.

  • Admin time – with our platform you simply post your requirements and our system does the rest, so you can get on to the million more productive things you have to do than arrange medical appointments

  • Notifications – automated notifications keep you informed at every step of the way


  • Quicker turnaround of Executive Medical report
  • Reduced admin time for you and your staff
  • Wide choice of medical professionals to choose from, all fully qualified and vetted
  • Security of best-in-class data protection
  • Management reports available
  • National coverage makes it more convenient for your executive
  • Highly intuitive, minimal training required

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